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We are the epitome of intelligence, innovation, and determination. Imagine crafting your next life chapter centered on your passions and purpose. How would it feel? What would your life look like? Let's make it happen together.

Step into a transformative journey of self-discovery guided by Monica Wisdom Coaching, where I will empower you to activate your passions and purpose.


Empowering Women Globally

Welcome to Monica Wisdom Coaching, where empowerment knows no bounds. I’m Monica, your guide on this transformative journey. As a coach, writer, podcast producer, and multi-passionate entrepreneur, I’m dedicated to empowering women worldwide.

Join me in unlocking your inner strength, sharing your unique story, and embracing life, with boldness. With years of experience and a deep understanding of our collective journey, I invite you to embark on an adventure of self-discovery and embrace a new chapter of your life.

Welcome to the Monica Wisdom Coaching Galaxy, where your empowerment takes flight.

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There's a path to break free from chaos and rediscover clarity, joy, and passion.

 Bold Moves Coaching Program

Are you ready to take bold steps toward creating the life you’ve always dreamed of?
Welcome to the Bold Moves Coaching Program, where transformation meets empowerment. The truth is we are all evolving, but moving with intention is transformative. This program is designed for brilliant, ambitious women who are ready to write the next chapter of their lives with purpose and passion.

What is the Bold Moves Coaching Program?

The Bold Moves Coaching Program is a 5-week transformative journey crafted to help you unlock your purpose. Led by experienced coach Monica Wisdom, this program combines personalized sessions, transformative exercises, and actionable strategies to empower you to build the life that brings your dreams to life. You have much success in life and have put the dreams of others first, now it is your turn. This program is here to help you redefine your life with support and accountability.

What You’ll Gain:

Clarity: An understanding of your goals, aspirations, and the steps needed to achieve them.
Confidence: Overcome self-doubt and unleash the confidence to pursue your dreams boldly.
Purpose: Rediscover your passion and purpose, aligning your actions with your deepest desires.
Resilience: Develop resilience and adaptability to navigate life’s challenges with grace and strength.
Empowerment: Embrace your brilliance and unlock the power within you to create lasting change.

How It Works:

  1. Discovery Call: Schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn more about the program and see if it’s the right fit for you.
  2. Personalized Sessions: Dive deep into your aspirations and goals through personalized coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs.
  3. Transformative Exercises: Engage in powerful exercises designed to unlock new perspectives and breakthroughs.
  4. Actionable Strategies: Receive actionable strategies and tools to implement real change and create a life you love.


Join Us:

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation and reinvention? Take the first step by scheduling your complimentary discovery call today.

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Speak Your Story Coaching

Sharing Your Story Builds Connection, Impact, and Trust.

Are you ready to unlock the magic of storytelling and captivate your audience like never before? Join us for a transformative journey where you’ll discover the art of storytelling, position your story for impact, and share it with confidence!

Why Share Your Story?

Your story is powerful. It’s a reflection of your unique experiences, struggles, triumphs, and dreams. When you share your story authentically, you not only connect with others on a deeper level but also inspire and empower them to embrace their journeys. Your story has the potential to create meaningful change, spark conversations, and foster empathy and understanding.

Section 1: Choose Your Story

In this exciting section, you’ll dive into your narrative and uncover the gems that make your story unique. Through engaging exercises and reflective prompts, you’ll choose the story that resonates most with you and sets the stage for your storytelling adventure.

Section 2: Position Your Story

Now that you’ve chosen your story, it’s time to position it for impact! Learn the secrets of crafting compelling narratives that captivate your audience’s attention from start to finish. Discover how to structure your story, develop characters, and create a narrative arc that leaves a lasting impression.

Section 3: Share Your Story

The moment you’ve been waiting for! In this final section, you’ll step into the spotlight and share your story with confidence and flair. Learn powerful storytelling techniques, practice vocal delivery, and master the art of connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Get ready to shine!

What You’ll Get:

  • Personalized Feedback and Coaching
  • Access to Exclusive Resources and Tools
  • Bonus: Live Q&A Session and More…


This is a 6 Hour VIP Day experience, perfect for busy people who are ready to achieve success. Join us on this incredible storytelling journey and discover the power of your unique story! Reserve your spot today and get ready to share your story with confidence and impact.


Monica Wisdom



  • 'Monica's understanding of Social Media and the Market is a tremendous asset to any team. I am grateful she is on mine!'
    Carlos MenaPresident, Ocha Records
  • Monica has such great insight! She helped me get unstuck, out of my own head, and move forward in my business. Her help has been invaluable. Thank You, Monica
    Tanya CoraciIT Specialist
  • Monica provided sound advice that my whole team has appreciated through the years. For example, she developed the blueprint for our "Dream Board", a way to visually depict our long-term goals and aspirations as a company and as individuals. My staff and I look at our Dream Board every day and new team members really enjoy having their dreams added. I owe it all to Monica"
    Michelle MurrayCEO, Segue Partners
  • Awesome Business Model + Killer Service Delivery ≠ Clients Beating Down Your Door. Monica supported me in streamlining my message so the masses could hear and appreciate the services I provide which is helping organizations create an integrated culture that wins. Every time we have a strategy session I walk away with another nugget of gold to implement in my business and expand my reach
    ER SpauldingCEO, Black Women Startup


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The Journal

Self-Love Amplified

Embrace Your Journey: The Journal and Coloring Book Experience”

Imagine a beautiful journal and coloring book awaiting your touch—a space dedicated to your exploration, release, forgiveness, and dreams of grandeur.

But there’s more. The digital download version includes an audio component, guiding you through moments of self-discovery. Picture me right there beside you as you navigate each question and reflection.

While this journey can be embarked upon solo, consider the added support and depth our masterclass offers. Say yes to yourself and start this transformative journey today.

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You Have Choices

The Black Women Amplified Podcast

Downloadable Conversations That Matter

Introducing Black Women Amplified with Monica Wisdom: Where NPR Meets Essence Magazine”

Step into a world where the perspectives and stories of Black women take center stage. Join us as we delve into our unique experiences, share insights, and explore our extraordinary journeys.

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