Liberation through Self-Care: Letting Go of Limitations and Living Fully

Hello Diamonds,

I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been pondering something that I believe many of us Gen X women can relate to – the challenge of putting ourselves first. As the generation that followed the civil rights movement, we were tasked with opening doors and crafting a brighter future for all. We embraced the mission wholeheartedly, often without stopping to ask ourselves what truly ignites our passions.

“Who do you want to become when you grow up?” That question seemed distant, as we focused on college, jobs that could support our families, and earning the respect of our communities. High grades earned praise, while missteps carried their consequences. Early on, we discovered that life had its own unwritten rules.

Now, in our 50s, some of us are pausing to reflect – is this the life we envisioned? Was it meant to be a perpetual cycle of exhaustion? We’ve been on a continuous loop of responsibilities, occasionally forgetting to care for our well-being.

The truth is, our hearts yearn for more. We’re ready to break free from patterns that have limited us, even if they offer comfort. Why should it take a major upheaval for us to reconsider our paths?

Perhaps it’s time to shift our focus, asking new questions and viewing ourselves through a different lens.

Speaking of perspectives, I recently stumbled upon a fascinating discovery during my research. Did you know that Black women often find themselves excluded from medical studies due to a phenomenon called “weathering”? This term describes how we experience aging and health issues at an accelerated rate compared to others. Shockingly, it has little to do with our physical fitness or weight. Instead, it’s rooted in the toll that racism takes on our bodies.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it? The very factor that accelerates our aging process is used as a justification to exclude us from studies that could enhance our well-being. It’s an injustice that demands our attention. I came across an eye-opening article from the Yale School of Medicine that delves deeper into this issue. Take a moment to read it here and let its significance sink in.

This is where self-care takes center stage. It’s more than just spa days and self-indulgence. Self-care is a call to arms, a way to combat the toll that stress and microaggressions have on our mental and physical health.

While there’s no magical formula to fight racism through diet or exercise, there are tools that can fortify our minds and offer respite from daily stressors. Consider these simple practices:

  1. Morning Moments: Begin your day with a calming morning routine. Replace the news and social media with soothing melodies to gently ease into your day.
  2. Email Etiquette: Don’t dive into work-related texts and emails as soon as you rise. Reserve that time for when your workday officially begins.
  3. Slumber Serenity: Set a bedtime and unwind with relaxing activities an hour before sleep. Create a calming playlist or indulge in an evening meditation to help your brain wind down.
  4. Digital Detox: Take a monthly break from social media. Schedule your posts in advance and relish the freedom of a digital detox.
  5. Thoughtful Consumption: Be mindful of what you consume – from TV shows to music. Surround yourself with positivity and inspiration.

These practices provide a foundation for self-discovery and well-being. Customize them to fit your unique journey and muster the courage to embrace the changes you deserve. We hold the power to redefine our narratives, forging a life enriched with joy and purpose, regardless of external circumstances.

It’s our time to take center stage, unmask our true selves, and embrace a new way of living that radiates authenticity and fulfillment.

Sending you serenity and light,

Embrace the journey!

Monica Wisdom,

Chief Strategist, Host, Black Women Amplified Podcast

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