Hello, Friend, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take some time and share with you the story behind Monica Wisdom Coaching and why I am passionate about helping clients reach for new possibilities. The unexpected pause of 2020 became a canvas for reevaluation, a time when I delved into a 35-year career […]

Happy New Year, Ladybugs, The new year has kicked off with a bang, and if you haven’t caught the Katt Williams interview with Shannon Sharpe, it’s a must-watch. Beyond the entertainment value, it’s laden with powerful nuggets of wisdom, particularly for entrepreneurs. Katt Williams, a true independent entrepreneur, doesn’t rely on sponsors to fund his […]

Hello Queen, I recently attended a fantastic event with some remarkable individuals, primarily women who are passionate about branding with a touch of “woo-woo.” While waiting to chat with the company’s owner, I struck up a conversation with a young lady about her brand aspirations. I mentioned that I’ve been an entrepreneur for 35 years, […]