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I am sharing one of my favorite business tools and the best part is you can start using it for free.

I am going full force with my business and through my trials and errors have discovered some great tools. Being non-tech and for the longest time lost in the online world, it was great to find a company that was supportive and answered my endless questions.

I have been a Podia customer for a while. I like having one place and one price that covers most of my online needs. I use them for my email list, courses, masterclasses, sales pages, and even a website and membership. It reduced my costs and having to remember all those login passwords. They are constantly improving their services.

Podia has released a brand new FREE plan with all the tools you need to get started. Sign up today {HERE} and build a full website for free in as little as 10 minutes. You can also host a free or paid community, sell digital products, and email your audience, all on one platform.

Whether you’ve just started dreaming about building your own business, you’re a podcaster wanting to monetize your podcast with courses, or you are a musician who wants to start a membership, Podia offers exactly the tools you need to build your online business and start making money right away.

What’s the catch? That’s the best part: there really isn’t one! Your website and community are free forever, and you’ll only pay an 8% transaction fee on the sales you make. As your business grows, you can upgrade to one of the paid Podia plans (starting at just $39/month) to eliminate the transaction fees and get access to even more tools.

There’s never been a better time to create online, and Podia’s on a mission to make it quicker and easier than ever for you to get started!

Get your free account {HERE}

Have an incredible day,

Monica Wisdom,
Founder, The Dream Agency
Host, Black Women Amplified Podcast

Hello Dreamers,

Welcome to our new blog. Here you will get info on what’s coming up for the Dream Agency and Business Bites that help you build your dream, share your story and monetize your knowledge.

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Monica Wisdom