RESET is a 4-Week transformative experience that shifts your life in a bold new way. This course helps you reach for the stars and rewrite on your terms.

As a high-achieving woman, you are very well accomplished and live an incredible life. You have followed society’s game plan and are winning. But as you look around at your life, it feels like something is missing. You look in the mirror and don’t see yourself.

For too long, you have dimmed your light to help others shine. You deferred your dreams hoping one day you will have time to get to them. Guess what Sis, now is the time. Now is the time to evaluate life and build bold goals that scare the shit out of you.

It’s time to ENVISION your next chapter.


RESET is designed to be a fully immersive experience to you don’t just learn the material but apply it. There are four core Pillars, live video group coaching with Monica Wisdom, plus peer support with your community who are walking this journey with you.

You will also receive:

  • “Origin” pre-work to prepare for the course
  • Worksheets to brainstorm and work out your gameplan
  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions
  • A closing Vision Board Happy Hour to celebrate completing the course.



RESET is for high-achieving women who are ambitious and exhausted. You don’t feel quite like yourself and know that you need to make some bold changes in your life.

Basically, if you are ready to stop taking care of everyone else and put yourself first, RESET is for you. It’s time to re-write your story.

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  • Tanya Coraci
  • Jasmine Murphy, CEO, Build Your Strong
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They don't call her "wisdom" for nothing. Monica has the gift of seeing the heart of a situation. If you need clarity in your business story-telling or seeking out your truth, then you need Monica. Highly recommend.
Monica has such insight! She helped me get unstuck, out of my own head, and move forward in my business. Her help has been invaluable. Thank you, Monica
Monica has a gift for tapping into your truth and helping you share it with the world. The clarity, confidence, and courage I gained working with Monica are priceless.

Awesome Business Model + Killer Service Delivery ≠ Clients Beating Down Your Door. When I first started working with Monica I struggled to get my message heard by my ideal client. I knew I was destined to make a huge impact on the world, but no one knew who I was. In my head, the transformation I provided my client was clear, but I think and speak in multi-dimensional layers and my client does not. Monica supported me in streamlining my message so the masses could hear and appreciate the services I provide which is helping organizations create an integrated culture that wins. Every time we have a strategy session I walk away with another nugget of gold to implement in my business and expand my reach. Stop struggling with your brand image and pick up the phone today and contact Monica – you and your business will be glad you did.

ER Spaulding
CEO, Black Women Startup
Monica has the gift of stripping away the cluttered mess that all too often surrounds us entrepreneurs, to reveal a beautiful simple plan underneath. Not only does she "teach to the situation at hand" but she offers pearls of wisdom that prove to be useful in the future ahead.Dr. Joyce Johnson
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Monica when I first set up my new business.  Not only was she truly inspiring but she provided sound advice that I and my whole team have appreciated through the years. For example, she taught us how to develop our "Dream Board", a way to visually depict our long-term goals. Monica has also motivated me to think beyond my limits and expand my horizon, which has helped me add clients and new networks. I know you will enjoy Monica's passion and unique advice and perspective!Michelle Murray
CEO, Segue Partners
'Monica's understanding of Social Media and the Market. She is a tremendous asset to any team. I am grateful she is on mine!'Carlos Mena
CEO, Ocha Records







Who Teaches RESET?

RESET is created and led by Monica Wisdom.

Monica is an entrepreneur with 35 years of lived experience and has worked and consulting in several industries including the beauty, music and publishing industries. As Director of Education for Salon Resources, Monica was responsibility was to create branded workshops and ensure brand continuity across her educational experiences. As Director of Operations for IN Magazine, Monica conducted celebrity interviews and created special features with changes makers from across the world.

Her podcast, Black Women Amplified, amplifies the voice of Black women across the globe. Her greatest joy is supporting women live their best and boldest lives.

How much does RESET cost?

The investment for RESET is $374 USD. There is a payment plan of two $225 USD payments to be paid in full prior to the first day of the course date.