About Monica

Hello, I'm Monica

Monica is a visionary whose perspective transcends borders, capturing the essence of a world still unfolding. Gifted with a unique lens, she has collaborated with some of the most groundbreaking minds on the planet. Through a rich tapestry of life experiences, Monica aspires to cultivate a world where Black women thrive without constraints.

In 2018, hailing from St. Louis, Monica birthed Black Women Amplified—a blog that has blossomed into a dynamic lifestyle brand. From podcasts to an online clothing emporium, digital workshops, and journals, Monica’s mission is to craft tools and experiences resonating with the soul of Black women. The Black Women Amplified Podcast, a nexus of NPR and Essence magazine, delves into conversations that deeply matter to Black women. Interviews with luminaries such as Liv Warfield, Tonya Pinkins, Natasha Yvette Williams, Icey Park, Shay Wafer, Rissi Palmer, and Wendy Molten underscore the impact of this platform.

Monica’s formative years saw the honing of her intuitive prowess and business acumen, collaborating with global brands like Sebastian International, Swartzkoph Haircolor, Great Lengths, and Carole’s Daughter. As the Director of Education for Salon Resources, Monica curated workshops and creative experiences for salon owners and professionals. Her freelance artistry extended to collaborations with The Isley Brothers, Lela Rochan, Loretta Divine, Debbie Turner, Richelle Carry, Marion Brooks, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and visionary fashion designers.

Venturing beyond the beauty industry, Monica immersed herself in publishing and music, showcasing her talents as a writer and publicist. She orchestrated music releases, built social media platforms, and secured interviews for global musicians like Osunlade, Quetzal, Lady Alma, Djinji Brown, Santos, Erro, and Nadirah Shakoor.

Monica leverages her vast experience to guide and educate emerging women entrepreneurs and creatives. Her focus: empowering them to harness their knowledge, create income streams, share their narratives, and build impactful platforms aligned with their values and vision. Recognizing the importance of continuous growth, Monica earned her Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University and joined Milestone Circles, a Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Community.

A creative at heart, Monica’s journey evolves in harmony with her purpose, resonating with new global communities. Having embarked on over 30 trips worldwide, she views travel as a passport to internal freedom for Black women—whether immersing in local cultures or pursuing her work.

In Monica’s eyes, we possess the power to live the lives we envision with guidance and courage. Regardless of the journey, she believes we have everything within us to realize our dreams.


I am a big fan of Prince and I consider Janet Jackson my big sister in my head. I enjoy traveling and have been fortunate enough to collect over 20 stamps on my passport, with plans to add more. I find joy in learning about different cultures through their food and art.

When I’m not working on my computer, you can find me cozying up with a great movie and some tasty snacks. Family is very important to me, but I also consider the supportive friends I meet along the way as family. I would describe myself as simple yet dramatic, all in one package.

Hi there, my name is Monica and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!


I love beaches! Laying in the sun, getting a tan and feeling the sand between my toes. I consider myself a bit of a beach connoisseur – I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most beautiful beaches around the world. And let me tell you, black girls do swim!


My heart sings when I encounter integrity, thoughtful gifts, and an exquisite meal. There’s nothing quite like following through on your promises, receiving a gift that shows you’ve been listened to, and indulging in a night out at a sexy restaurant with great service.