Hello Family,

Chileeeeee… When I tell you, I never thought the comment section would lead to a court case, but here we are. Today, I had jury duty, and it was over a bad review. Yes, you read that right—a bad review! In this era of grievance, people love to unleash their emotionally charged opinions in the comment section and on online review sites. One bad review can be devastating for small businesses without a reputation management department.

This whole experience reminded me of one of the Four Agreements: “Be impeccable with your word.” Seriously, there are times when things go south, but it’s crucial to get clear on the facts before responding. The pause button is a powerful tool, my friends. I’ve had to learn how to use my pause button when it comes to my real-life responses. I used to be quick to snap back and cut someone down before I even thought about the consequences of my words. And let’s be real, that righteous fury was just a cover for the pain I was feeling.

What I learned is to take a pause, self-evaluate, and ask myself: “Why is this bothering me? Why am I triggered, and is it really that important?” We need to consider this more often because these quick responses are now landing people in courtrooms! The attempt to “get someone straight” has far-reaching repercussions.

I get it—we’ve all been hurt by someone. But we must find other ways to handle it. A phone call, a note, or even just walking away and letting the universe smooth out the situation can work wonders. One of my favorite movies is “Crash.” It came out years ago and changed how I viewed those moments of passionate rage. It shifted my level of empathy, helping me see situations through someone else’s eyes.

Which brings me back to the Four Agreements. Another agreement is “Don’t take anything personally.” Often, it’s not personal because people are seeing a situation through their pain, just like you. Words can be either a feather or a sword, and it’s our choice in how we use them. Before you react or respond, hold your heart and ask yourself, “Will this matter a year from now, and is it worth it beyond today?” Nine times out of twelve, the answer will be no. And like my grandmother always said, “Get ’em with kindness because you always have a choice.”

If you want to read the Four Agreements, you can check it out on Amazon. Have an impeccable day, and I’ll see you soon!

Monica Wisdom
Chief Mentor, Amplified Podcasting Academy
Host and Producer of the Black Women Amplified podcast