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  • Tremendous asset to any team
  • She helped me get unstuck
  • She Provided Sound Advice
  • Awesome Business Model
'Monica's understanding of Social Media and the Market is a tremendous asset to any team. I am grateful she is on mine!'Carlos Mena
President, Ocha Records
Monica has such great insight! She helped me get unstuck, out of my own head, and move forward in my business. Her help has been invaluable. Thank You, MonicaTanya Coraci
IT Specialist
Monica provided sound advice that my whole team has appreciated through the years. For example, she developed the blueprint for our "Dream Board", a way to visually depict our long-term goals and aspirations as a company and as individuals. My staff and I look at our Dream Board every day and new team members really enjoy having their dreams added. I owe it all to Monica"Michelle Murray
CEO, Segue Partners
Awesome Business Model + Killer Service Delivery ≠ Clients Beating Down Your Door. Monica supported me in streamlining my message so the masses could hear and appreciate the services I provide which is helping organizations create an integrated culture that wins. Every time we have a strategy session I walk away with another nugget of gold to implement in my business and expand my reachER Spaulding
CEO, Black Women Startup