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Hey Queen,

Do you make vision boards? I have been doing them for over 20 years and love them.

A vision board is a toolkit for your vision. It’s meant to help you focus on your goals, share your vision with others, and leave room for magic.

The secret? You can’t make it perfect. You can’t predict everything that will happen along the way toward achieving your dream. But by leaving room for magic, you’re allowing yourself space to be surprised by what happens—and that’s when things get really exciting!

There is no one way to make a vision board. You can use pictures from magazines, paint or draw your own images, or create collages from found objects. Some people like to use magazine cutouts and other materials that are easy to get rid of if they don’t work out. Others prefer something more permanent so they can hang it up as a reminder of their goals and dreams.

I created this really cool goal-setting workbook. It makes the perfect companion to your vision board. Goals help you do the work takes to get ready for your dreams.


Lots of love,

Monica Wisdom

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Hey Family,

I hope you and yours are well.

Let’s talk about starting your own business. It’s becoming more of an option for many people for several different reasons. Not loving your job, needing more income, ready to build your dream, or needing to send a child to college. Either way, we are looking at what moves us.

Folk tells us to find our passion and do something we love and that is true, but the quickest way to start a business and bring in that extra change is to create a solution to a problem.

Look around at some of the top businesses and study their business model. Walk around your favorite store and think about why they offer the items that are for sale.

For instance, accessible luxury was a big trend. Services that were traditionally available to the rich. Personal shopping, private driver, and regular spa services. Now we have Instacart, Uber, and Massage Envy. Business models that once relied on big-ticket items are built around high customer volume and memberships.

Ask yourself, “What is a problem I can create a solution for?” Start with your day-to-day activities then widen your scope. Come up with a list of 5 problems and 5 solutions for each. Then see what moves you from that list. Spend 3 days writing out a game plan, and sleep on it for a couple of days. If it still moves you keep building the idea.

Remember sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do on the way to building our dreams.

Focus on the solution to a problem.


Have a great day,


The Dream Agency