Annette Freeman: Transforming Life Through the Power of Pleasure

Hello Friends,

Today, we are honored to introduce our extraordinary co-host, Annette Freeman. Annette is an expert in the Power of Pleasure. and joins us to share her remarkable origin story and reveal how discovering her feminine power became a catalyst for a life-altering transformation.

Annette Freeman, a distinguished Emmy-award-winning producer, and accomplished communications professional has left an indelible mark with impactful work on the “Today Show” and groundbreaking documentaries such as “Inside the Obama White House with Brian Williams” on NBC, and the revolutionary “Rebel Music” series for MTV World.

Annette journeyed from television production to teaching, and sees herself as a midwife for a woman’s deepest desires, providing unwavering support and empowering teachings on tapping into innate feminine power.

This episode is a celebration of rediscovering sensuality and inner power.

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