Greetings Leader,

Content may be King, but connection is Queen.

Today is the day, it’s presidential debate day! We are deep in this season, and it’s getting heavy. Between text messages, social media, and heated friends, it all gets overwhelming. Personally, this season, I don’t have much to say—not because I don’t have my opinions, but because I choose to reserve my energy and protect my peace. Kendrick Lamar said it all in his historic concert, “They Not Like Us.” Those four words cover a multitude of circumstances.

But through it all, the most important part I want to talk about is that more than ever, people are sharing their voices and thoughts. Whether I like them or not, at least I know where people stand. Clarity is a great friend. Now, I just listen and say to myself, GOT IT. No more guessing or wondering. And I, for one, appreciate a clear line in the sand. No more Trojan horses. That’s the power of using your voice. People get to know who you are and what you’re about. It is truly a superpower and gets to the core of the information I need to make the best decisions for my life.

It used to be that people didn’t want to know a celebrity or a CEO, but now that we are more values-centered over celebrity-centered, we want to get to know a person better to see if we’re on the same team. As a business person, people need to trust us, know us, and like us. Which is exactly how Kendrick knew Drake was not like us. LOL, I digress. I just can’t get that out of my head. According to TikTok, it’s our third national anthem, “Lift Every Voice.” Anyway, back to the point.

If we use a political campaign at its core structure, you ultimately have two people selling themselves to get your vote. We call that marketing. But at one time in business, we didn’t market ourselves, only the product. But in this era—the era of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé—it is important to share more of your values and stories with your audience. For instance, in my podcast, even when I am interviewing people, I weave in my personal life to make it more of a conversation. Not only that, it is a way to weave in my personal stories, allowing my audience to get to know more about me. Yep, one of the hidden strategies of podcasting. (Stick around LOL)

This is something I learned from studying Oprah. She is always a part of the conversation, which makes it interesting, but it also makes a connection. And in this era, connection is queen. No matter where you are in business, having a connection with your audience, and sharing your story is the key to success. Whether you are sharing photos like Beyoncé, writing songs about exes like Taylor, or expressing your values like a candidate. But your voice, if used responsibly, will have an incredible impact on your business.

Have an impactful day, Monica Wisdom, Life, and Biz Mentor