Elevating Women in Business

For women entrepreneurs, business is deeply personal. Our natural inclination to help others often leads us to start businesses to improve people’s lives, whether it’s a travel company, an assisted living facility, or a coaching business for moms. Our hearts are at the center of our business plans.

However, the challenge lies in finding balance within our businesses. We never want to disappoint people or leave them hanging if we can offer assistance, and this noble intent often creates a void in our health, mental well-being, and financial landscapes. While we may earn a decent income, our bottom line tends to be lower than our male counterparts, even when doing the same work.

This reality can be both frustrating and, at times, feel like a burden we bear as women in business. Additionally, we often face a lack of support from each other, fueled by the notion that we may not be as qualified as our non-melanated counterparts. Navigating all these aspects of being a Black woman in business can be truly exhausting.

But here’s the silver lining: we’re still in the game, and we have an opportunity to reshape the landscape for women in business. The first step is changing our mindset about business and how we approach it. We possess valuable skills and knowledge that can help us build businesses that serve others and elevate us to financial success.

What was once considered a Plan B can become your Plan A. Take inspiration from trailblazers like Marie Kondo or Martha Stewart. They leveraged their skills and knowledge to create thriving businesses. Marie became the declutter queen, while Martha mastered the art of hosting themed parties. They each turned a single idea into a flourishing enterprise.

So, what skills do you have that could bring you financial freedom? What expertise do people seek you out for? Often, the answers are right in front of us, in the everyday skills and knowledge we possess.

We may sometimes overlook these skills in search of socially acceptable careers, but sometimes, all it takes is showing someone how to sew a button on a shirt. The point is, that it’s all possible, and every day presents an opportunity to redefine the life you’re living.

In our next blog, we’ll break down the process of brainstorming your ideas. Until then, take care, and be fearless.


Monica Wisdom