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Good Day,

Today was eclipse day, and I trucked myself to see this great act of nature. I did not have any glasses, but while getting ready, a download from God helped me see something I never noticed.

I intended to head to the river, and while waiting for the big shadow, what opened up for me was the idea that my lists over the year have been incredibly focused on myself. It was like putting in a food order from the menu of life. I could not believe this information and wondered if this was the first time I heard it or if it was the first time I truly understood it.

Friday and Saturday, I spent in an online workshop called “Mastering your Money Story” with Bettie Spriull. And let me tell you, it was magical. I met Bettie over 20 years ago, and she is one of the premier coaches on the planet. Every time I learn from her, life shifts, which is appropriate given the epiphany I had today about how I was communicating with God.

There was a time when I was a super generous person, and over time, it began to feel like people were taking advantage of me. I began to shut down and keep my brilliance to myself. People were making thousands of dollars off my advice and ideas. What I received was a thank you, but in the beginning, I did not see my worth, so it was not a big deal. And I did not know you could make money from intellectual property. But instead of figuring out how to monetize my gift, I hid it away. The story that everyone was going to take advantage of me began to harden my heart and impact me in other ways.

Even when I was creating vision boards and praying, my perspective has been, what do I want and what do I get? The combination of the workshop and the eclipse shifted something and left an opening for an aha moment that changed everything. Even when I sat in my car to write out what I wanted from the universe changed. It changed with my new understanding. The download from God clearly said, “It is not about what you get, life is about what you contribute” – mind-blown emoji.

I am a big believer in generosity and gratitude, but this was a whole new level of understanding. Since I walked away from a 35-year career, I have been working on new ways to make money. I have made lots of mistakes throughout this year chasing shiny pennies. This download reminded me that life is as big as what you contribute. Money is the smallest part of the equation. Money is the byproduct. So what does that look like? Listen for the difference.

The old way: “God, I would like to create a program that will generate XYZ dollars. I calculate the number of people who it takes to meet that goal. So I am only focused on 20-30 people.” As opposed to, “God, I would like to help humanity elevate in a positive manner that will impact lives around the world.” You see how that feels different. One is about me, and the other is about contributing. WOWWWW.

So, the bigger and more important question is: What am I here to contribute, not what can I acquire in life? LIFE SHIFTS when you open up to new ideas and ingenuity.

Did you have any aha moments?

Love and Light,

Monica Wisdom,

Chief Coach, Monica Wisdom Coaching.


Hello, Friend,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take some time and share with you the story behind Monica Wisdom Coaching and why I am passionate about helping clients reach for new possibilities.

The unexpected pause of 2020 became a canvas for reevaluation, a time when I delved into a 35-year career as an entrepreneur. I reflect on the various projects and the incredible people I’ve been blessed to work with. From Sebastian International to the Isley Brothers, these were doors society said I would never cross.

But the truth is, I didn’t push through solely for the love of it. I did it because people told me I couldn’t. Black, a woman, and considered overweight, my trainer at Sebastian told me I wouldn’t make it. Despite the challenges, I was an educator for 8 years and became Director of Education for Salon Resources. Essence magazine denied my dream of becoming a writer, yet I became Director of Operations for Today in Church Magazine, interviewing celebrities like Eric Roberson, Kirk Whalum, and Vonetta Flower. Every time someone told me I couldn’t, I responded with, “Watch me work.” I was determined to defy gravity.

Every story I share stems from a deep desire to remind people, especially marginalized individuals, that we all have the power to defy gravity. In 2023, as I took a deeper dive into my purpose and passion, the needle landed on coaching. It’s the culmination of my life’s work—helping people defy gravity in their lives, build bold ideas, and embrace their divine power.

In 2023, I ensured my personal development as a business person, acquiring an education in women’s entrepreneurship from Cornell University and graduating from the Nasdaq Milestones mentorship program. Combined with my studies in coaching, I felt ready to take on the world.

In 2024, success isn’t just about constructing ideas; it’s about embracing personal transformation. Recognizing that many seek more than extensive courses, they crave a space to be heard, address specific concerns, and receive answers to their burning questions. This realization fueled the creation of Monica Wisdom Coaching.

We all deserve a champion in our corner, and with years of experience as a wise counsel behind the scenes, I’m extending a heartfelt invitation to book your discovery session with Monica Wisdom Coaching.

Let’s collaborate to provide the guidance you need for confident strides forward. Click the link to reserve your Discovery Call. Let’s chat about how I can help you defy gravity, build an idea, or make that next big decision.

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Here’s to your soulful and empowered journey ahead!

Warm Regards,

Monica Wisdom,

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